Group Overview

        PowerNex sell all kinds of MEAN WELL products, which include AC/DC switching power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters and battery chargers.

        We have over 6,000 standard models widely used in automation, LED lighting, communication, medical, moving sign, and office automation fields.Our potential customers are R&D engineers, end users, and those who have small quality orders or who are in the area without distributors.

        We feature with prompt delivery, complete technical advisory service, assistance in developing new product lines, and well after-sales services. PowerNex has fast, professional and the best service to satisfy what customers need, and is committed to finding the best possible solution to the price-quality equation. We insist on long-term cooperation to be your reliable power partner.

        PowerNex主要銷售對象針對研發部門工程師,小量訂單的客戶,最終使用者以及尚未有明緯經銷商銷售的區域。我們有效提供快速交貨的服務和完整的技術諮詢, 協助客戶研發新產品線與提供專業的售後服務。

        提供Mean Well全系列產品,產品內容包含:交換式電源供應器(交流/直流)、轉換器(直流/直流)、逆變器(直流 / 交流)。超過6000種標準機型,產品廣泛地應用於工業自動化、LED照明、廣告看板、電子、通訊、安防、醫療電源及鐵道用電源等產業。快速,專業,服務。以滿足客戶需求為目的,長期提供質、量、成本最佳組合之產品與服務,是客戶永久信賴的電源夥伴。